Monday, April 2, 2012


WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR - What are you waiting for? What event in life do you need to finally convince you that the way you are living your life is not worth it? So frustrated day in and day out. Lack. Lack is the one word that defines your existance. Never enough. The day leaves you exhausted. You come home and distract yourself with entertainment. You 'Live for the weekend'. Unsatisfied. When will you believe that Christ died for you and not just the minister and the preacher. We have all suffered greatly because all who have heard Christ have not followed Him. Did you not understand that if you heard His voice and accepted Him than it was to you whom He called to a life from that point forward in service to Him?

SACRIFICE – I know. In the past it seemed too much. You have a family and friends and a routine. Where has that got you? I can tell you; it has left you unsatisfied, wretched in your hearts, deperessed, dependant on medication to provide for a “chemical imbalance”.

WHY ARE YOU OUT OF BALANCE TO BEGIN WITH -  Is it not because you are living in a rebellion against the call of Christ on your life? Did you not think there was a blessing for you in following Jesus that is more than what you can hold in your hand? You tell me. You have your home. You have your big-screen t.v. You have the furniture. But, is it bringing you peace? How's your relationship with your spouse? Children? Family? I can tell you. You don't have to lie to me. It's written all over you. What do I mean? There's no power in your testimony. Those around you are not shaking at the power of Christ in your life. Nobody speaks of you. Let me tell you something. Those who are on The Path of following Jesus are dividers! What do I mean? I mean this. They are either sought after or despised! People love them or hate them. Of those who are fully committed to following Jesus leave noone a choice to “not have an opinion.”

IT'S MY FAULT - I know this because I was (am) one of those people who ignored the call for far to long. Let me tell you where that led me: Bondage, Debt, Division with my spouse, rebellion of my children. Should I go on? Of course not! You already know it for yourself! It's my fault and my sin, but no more!

I'M SELLING OUT FOR CHRIST AND I'M TAKING MY FAMILY WITH ME - I'm tired of that old life. I'm tired of ignoring Christ's claim on my life. I'm not ignoring it anymore. I'm following Him. I'm selling out. Goodbye house and mortgage I can't afford. Goodbye material possesions that have no purpose for God. Goodbye curses; bring on the blessing! Yes, and I am taking my rightful place as the leader of my family. I am taking the wife given to me and I am leading her and my family to Jesus. To following after Him and experiencing the joy and peace that come from following Him and Him alone!

WHAT DOES THAT MEAN - I don't know, but for the first time since I have been saved and filled with His Holy Spirit I'm excited again! I know there will be trouble, but not without His Peace. He gives peace not as the world gives! THANK GOD FOR THAT! I'm done with this world folks. It's a curse. It's a trap and a lie. This world holds nothing for me anymore. I see where it leads. As for me and my house we will serve the Lord.

WHAT'S STOPPING YOU FROM GOING WITH ME - But, how will my family survive? How will they be provided for? That's what is in your heart, but you don't say it out loud when asked. We come up with all sorts of reasons to feed our delusions like “Someone has to support the missionaries.” Yup, I agree. I thought that was Jesus job though? What you are really saying is “I don't have faith to believe that Christ meant that for me.” When in fact He did. If you heard His call then He meant it just for you. “Follow me.” That's what He said. “I will make you fishers of men.” That's what He said. “Never will I leave you; never will I forsake you.” That's what He said.

YES THERE WILL BE TROUBLE – Yes, there will be trouble. Yes there will be times of unknown immediate answers to your need, but won't it be so good to know that you are living by faith and not by sight? That you will have the greatest peace there is in knowing that you are one with Him! Hand in hand with Him? Give that life to me! I want it and I want it now! I want it today! Give me Jesus and nothing else!

JUST GET OUT OF MY WAY – For those of you who would say “Calm down Chad. Let's think this through.” Really? You want me to think this through. Okay, I've spent the last twenty years thinking this through. Give it a rest! Save your words. I've “sat” and “thought” long enough. Give me Jesus. He is my portion!

COME WITH ME - Don't sit there. Come with me. Make yourselves dependent on Him. Cast yourselves at His feet and I guarantee you will learn about prayer!

HAVE I GOT YOU STIRRED UP NOW - I sure hope so. This country (USA) has fallen by the way side because to many of us, Christ's Church, have not understood that we were to be wholey and soley for Him and Him alone.

Pick up your cross and follow me...

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