Sunday, September 20, 2015

The Significance of 9/23/2015 in the Eyes of the Escoteric

Much has been said recently regarding the Month of September and regarding many and multiple things that are suppose to be happening. Anyone who has spent any amount of time on YouTube has probably seen the videos pointing out how the numbers “9” and “23” or what many speculate 9/23/2015 seems to be a significant number among the elite. I believe the following information to be the most telling clue of any of the clues I have heard so far:

While those who follow the zodiac are often mocked among man common people and especially scorned among the Christian we have very much ignored what these “things” mean to those who are the most ardent of the followers among the mystery schools and their religious belief. The Zodiac is of very particular interest and indeed is foundational to their understanding and undertakings. It is the pentultimate of their “As above so below” motto. So why is the month of September and particularly the date 9/23/2015 so significant. First, let us list how the Zodiac is aligned to the Gregorian (Watcher) Calender.

Aquarius - January 21 - February 19
Pisces - February 20- March 20
Aries - March 21 - April 20
Taurus - April 21 - May 21
Gemini - May 22 - June 21
Cancer - June 22 - July 22
Leo - July 23 -August 21
Virgo - August 22 - September 23
Libra - September 24 - October 23
Scorpio - October 24 - November 22
Sagittarius - November 23 - December 22
Capricorn - December 23 - January 20

Virgo and Libra meet or “conceive” on September 23rd, 24th. What is the initiated understanding? From David Flynn Collection “Cydonia” pg 384, prgh 1, 2

“The Dendera zodiac depicts each of the 12 signs of the ecliptic in the same form recognizable today, with the notable exception of Libra. Sitting on the constellation Libra “the scales” is a small child with his finger to his lips. This is the symbol of the young Horus, which was called Heru-pa-khart, Horus the younger, Harpocrates in the Greek, the god of silence and secrets. The portrayal of this symbol on the Dendera zodiac from 700 B.C. Demonstrates the understanding shared by the initiates of Isis, that Libra was a sign of Horus himself. Libra is situated on the 14th Greenwich hour, or 2 O'clock GMT. 14 is the number of pieces Osiris body was divided into by his brother and enemy Set.
The significance of Libra for the mystery schools is apparent in the short-hand glyph for the sign. The “rising sun” of Libra, called Hardetcher “Horus on the Horizon” indicates that those initiated into the mysteries understand Libra as representing both dualism and an esoteric symbol for 'the son of Mars.' This is further illustrated in many astrological images of Virgo combined with Libra. The archetypical blindfolded female of 'Justice' an incarnation of Isis, holds the scales in one hand and the sword in the other.”

More information regarding the interesting date of 9/23/2015. In an interview (I cannot remember which one) I believe on the Hagmann and Hagmann report Tom Horn was speaking about the Washington monument and incorporated much of the work of David Flynn into his own research. In this interview discussing the Washington Monument (The Phallic symbol of Orion) they discussed the earthquake that caused the monument damage. Tom Horn speculates, does this mean that this magical working of the Washington layout and it's purpose mean that something has been “conceived?” That their magical working has operated according to their intent? For whatever reason that has stuck in my head. So, I went and did a little calculating and here is what I found.

Between the dates of the earthquake that “cracked” Orion's phallus in Washington on August 23, 2011 and the date September 23, 2015 we have an incredible number appear.

Aug 23,2011 – Sept 23, 2015 = 1492 days

The year 1492 is branded in every young person who grew up (at least in my generation) as the year that “Columbus sailed the ocean blue.” and the discovery of America. Here is more from “The David Flynn Collection – Cydonia” Pg. 383 prgh 3

“America's east coast begins at the place corresponding to Leo in the heavens. America's capitol lies where Leo and Virgo intersect, just as the sphinx connects the beginning and ending of the zodiac. Virgo dominates the eastern half of America and Libra “The Scales” overlays the western half. America is the only body of land that occupies these three zodiacal figures – representing Isis, Osiris and Hours – Simultaneously. Libra represents the same esoteric aspect of Hours as the sign Gemini. They are both symbols used in the monolateral Egyptian religion as the balance of male and female powers. As the offspring of the twins Isis and Osiris, the Hours symbols Gemini and Libra also demonstrate the union of above and below.”

Saturday, September 5, 2015

The Tribulation Network

 If you happen to run across this blog I would like to point you to a much better blog/website than the one you are now viewing.  It is headed by a dear friend and mentor of mine by the name of Doug Krieger.  Any questions about him you may find here.  Hopefully by the end of this year you will also find my first book (and probably the last) book I will ever publish.  Please pray!

There is also a Facebook page wherein you can speak with Doug Krieger himself and other students of the Bible who like to look into the prophetic scriptures in the scriptures.  You can find the page below

If you are looking to expand your library with topics such as Biblical Numerics (not to be confused with Numerology) and all things prophetic then you may want to check out his books.

Wednesday, February 25, 2015

It's Been Awhile

Seems that Google changes had locked me out of this for some time.  I have cleaned up some old posts and hope to have more posted in the near future.  If not hear than perhaps a new location.  Stay tuned.

Wednesday, December 12, 2012

My Story in a Nut Shell

I know I had stated I would post more on Predictive Programming.  However, I have received numerous questions regarding how I came to see what I have stated.  I do not feel I can share that without giving a brief insight to my background.  Take the following for what it is worth.  I stand beside it and will not waver from the testimony below.


Late 1999- 2000 I had attended a large men's conference that had gained much momentum at that time called Promise Keepers of which I am sure you are familiar. It was during such an event that I had become convicted of my sin of lust. From that point (being truly convicted) I began to pray in earnest continually to be freed from this spirit that was ruining my family because of my sin. Having be raised in a non-denominasional church the way in which the Lord answered my prayer was unsettling and unexpected to say the least.

I was getting ready for bed (and because of my sin) I was sleeping alone on the couch with my wife in bed by herself. I had turned off everything except for the bathroom light in the hallway, which we kept on as a nightlight. As I was falling asleep I became increasingly aware of a presence of fear that grew exponentially. I feel that the words “overwhelming terror” does not even accurately describe what I was feeling. Along with this was the sensation of being forced into the couch as if something were pushing/holding me down. I began to pray like I had never prayed before. With my eyes closed I asked Jesus to take this away. It only intensified and it didn't seem possible that it could. I don't know how long this took place, but at one point I became aware that there was a presence in the room. The same sensation you have when you realize someone is looking at you in a crowd without actually seeing the person who is looking. I knew exactly where to look for this presence even though my eyes had been closed the entire time. I turned over and looked up and saw the following. This is the only description that I can come up with. What I saw was a completely dark shadow where a shadow could not have possibly been. The bathroom light should have made everything in that room visible to me. However the shadow (completely black) is best described as the silouette of Darth Vador from star wars minues the detail of the actual person. Just the outline. Without thinking I told that “thing” to leave in the name of Jesus three times before it moved and went “through” the front doorway. Needless to say I didn't fall asleep except for 15 and 20 minute intervals the rest of that night. That day was spent by me wondering if I had just hallucinated the whole thing. That idea was quickly erased the next night.

The next night, in bed with my wife this time, I again was just about to fall asleep. Our bathroom light with the door to the bathroom mostly closed, acting as our nightlight. And again the feeling of absolute terror began to overcome me as I was laying there. I pinched my eyes shut not wanting to see what I knew was there in my room. Repeat me praying in earnest under my breath to make this “thing” go away. I had not gotten very far in this when my wife sat straight up and grabbed my arm and stated “Chad, there's someone in our room!” The terror in her voice matching the terror I felt in my own heart. I quickly repeated the previous night's sequence of commanding that thing to leave in Jesus name verbally out loud. As I completed the third time saying this the thing again began to leave the room towards the door. As it left the room, my daughter who was still just an infant at 9 months old, let out a blood-curdling scream as only a baby could. We of course quickly ran to comfort her.

The Lord had my attention to say the least. The truth of the scriptures testimony and witness was become for me a reality of the truth for the very first time in my “christian” life. That day began a response in me that was not planned, it simply was. I was broken. I could not eat or think about anything else for what became a ten day time-frame. During this time I was stripped spiritually of all I thought I knew. A war was being waged against me spiritually against the Word of God internally. It was as if I was a spectator in my own heart and mind. The arguments of the world were attacking the truth of what I professed to believe. The result of this ten day spiritual battle was that there became one verse of scripture, and only one, that cast down every argument and accusation against my soal was this verse - John 10:28 And I give unto them eternal life; and they shall never perish, neither shall any man pluck them out of my hand. This verse and this verse alone began winning every word that came against me in my heart. I had been stripped of everything. This verse alone God revealed to me was the only truth in scripture that was of a truth faith in me despite my years of attending church and teaching. But, from this one scripture the Lord began building of a truth all His word in me and adding to it as a building would be constructed from the foundation.

I began sharing this experience with any who would listen. So much was my zeal at my new-found reality that I quickly began to stir up my church family. To my great surprise it was not the non-believers that were rejecting my testimony, but the very members of my own church family and life-long friends. So much so that I received a visit from the minister of my church at my house questioning me on my testimony. The Lord had filled me with His Holy Spirit and I was preaching repentance in the power of God. This was causing trouble.

It was a little while into this pattern of rejection before the Lord Himself visited me in a dream. I had never experienced this for myself before and it has been permanantly etched into the fabric of who I am. There is always more to a personal testimony than can be shared in brief here at what the Lord performed during the last 13yrs of my life since that time, but I wish to share three dreams that The Lord has given me since that time.

- I will let the Lord interpret for the reader and will not explain them myself -

  1. My dream started with me in my vehicle driving to work on the same route I drove every day. When I looked to my left I saw not the buildings that should have been there, but a vast desert. As I looked to the right of this desert I saw a vast storm such as I had never seen before. I stretched from the top of the heavens to the earth and it's expanse reached from the left to the right as far as the eye could see. I instantly knew that this storm covered the entire earth and nothing would escape it's path. I immediately stopped my jeep and took three steps into the desert. But, before I could walk any further I saw at the back of this desert a unicorn running towards me so quickly that a dust cloud was left behind Him and He reached me before I could take a fourth step. It took no words, but I had immediate understanding that this was indeed The Lord and that He had been searching in this desert for His children. (for those who think this is fantasy I suggest they search for the term “unicorn” in their KJV Bibles and see that this is indeed the Lord in figure). Without words, but pure thought I knew that The Lord was letting me know that anything I asked of Him I could have and He would give it to me. Again, without consciously thinking the response came forth from me “I want to heal!” The Lord then looked at me like I had never been looked at before. With that one look from head to toe I knew that the Lord could see me as nobody else ever could. My past, my present and my future. All of it laid bare before Him. He nodded at me and stepped forward. Again, without needing any words, I knew that I was to lay my hand upon His horn to receive my request. He then retreated back a step and nodded to me and quickly left to where He came from. I was so excited (still in my dream) that I went and started telling everyone I knew to be sick what had just happened and that if they only asked to be healed that I could lay my hands on them and they would be healed immediately. Many were healed until I reached one person I knew that resisted. I kept persisting and the more I tried the more I was resisted until this person ran from me and eventually ran to a place I could not follow. When that happened I went to my own house and told my wife what had happened. Up until this point in the dream I understood everything that was happening. However, the response of my wife confused me. She answered me by telling me to go and buy the biggest and most expensive jar of perfume I could buy and so I did. When I returned she asked me to come with her to the family room with a bowel and so I did. When I arrived she began to take off her socks and shoes and asked me to place the bowel at her feet and pour the perfume into the bowel. When I asked her why I was doing this she responded “The time is near and the time has come for I must wash my feet of this world because my heels are sore.” End of the dream. I woke up

  1. Three days later I had another dream in which I was in what should have been a purely white kitchen. Everything was covered in filth from top to bottom. As I looked there was a horrible man who had a baby in filthy rags held in one hand. He was (with contempt) using the rags that covered the baby as a wash cloth to wipe the kitchen down. The child was being destroyed because of the violence with which he used it and was creating more filth with the destruction that the purpose of cleansing the dirt away. When I realized what was happening I immediately overcame this terrible man and stripped the child away from him and chased him off. When I had done so I looked down at the baby who was unconscience and bleeding from the abuse. I was utterly heart-broken. The dream ended

Both of these dreams were immediately after my visitation experience. This last dream occurred during the summer of this year 2012.

  1. This dream was very short, but left me panting when I awoke. I looked and saw this man who appeared to me as though dressed in proper business clothing, to me was a bum. He held a bottle in his hand covered with a brown paper bag that was obviously alcohol. He asked me if I had tried this new stuff that everyone was talking about. Stating that this “spirit” was an ancient spirit that had been just recently rediscovered. I told him “no”. He said you have to try it! Before I could respond he quickly took a huge swig into his mouth and then just as quickly pressed his mouth to mine and vomitted this spirit out of his belly directly into my mouth by grabbing the back of my head and pressing his mouth to mine. I was repulsed and infuriated by this and quickly vomitted back at of my mouth onto the ground what he had done. Dream ended as I woke up from sleep.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Girdwood Goes Alone - By J. Randall Stewart

And all the people did was clap.

They did not move, they did not go; they will not.

They have not died. They do not want that. That is a little too extreme. That is for the few, the extra special, the Mother Teresa's and Zecheriahs.

We're not really called to lay down our lives. That's not for us. We just give God a little, just enough to keep the blessings flowing. To hold our reservation in Heaven. We've got a life to live and happiness to pursue, after all. God can't expect us to give up everything for Him.

So why don't you go, Girdwood.

You can go, and we'll just stay here and give our ten-percent to help you pay the way. You go Girdwood, not us. But thanks anyway for the offer. Thanks for the sermon, thanks for warming our hearts a little and making us feel good for a moment. Thanks a lot.

And all the people did was clap.
And all the angels wondered why.
With all the lost still dying lost,
and all the Lord could do was cry.