Thursday, April 12, 2012

Girdwood Goes Alone - By J. Randall Stewart

And all the people did was clap.

They did not move, they did not go; they will not.

They have not died. They do not want that. That is a little too extreme. That is for the few, the extra special, the Mother Teresa's and Zecheriahs.

We're not really called to lay down our lives. That's not for us. We just give God a little, just enough to keep the blessings flowing. To hold our reservation in Heaven. We've got a life to live and happiness to pursue, after all. God can't expect us to give up everything for Him.

So why don't you go, Girdwood.

You can go, and we'll just stay here and give our ten-percent to help you pay the way. You go Girdwood, not us. But thanks anyway for the offer. Thanks for the sermon, thanks for warming our hearts a little and making us feel good for a moment. Thanks a lot.

And all the people did was clap.
And all the angels wondered why.
With all the lost still dying lost,
and all the Lord could do was cry.

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