Saturday, March 17, 2012

Wearing His Name

The scriptures say we are to "pray in Jesus name". But, do we understand what that means?

Let's look at this in a way we can understand in today's terms. When we see a child that resembles their father not only in the way they look, but also in their deeds we say "he certainly us his father's son!". Let's take it a step further and go on to a family. How often in life have we come to know a whole family and seen that the whole of that family exhibit a definitive trait and we say "that boy certainly is a Smith!"

This is what it means to "pray in The Name of Jesus". Everyone can see that the traits of the Father and the family exhibit themselves so clearly that you "wear the name of that family".

We do not worship as the pagans do as if by some magical use of a name it would bring some special significance. We do not "work" our prayers as if by some special combination of words used in just the right order would "work the magic". Leave that to the Harry Potters!

We pray in in the name of Jesus EVERY TIME WE PRAY only to the extent that the life of Jesus is evident in the child.

Is your heart clean? Are your thoughts pure? Has Jesus been made for you your shield so that anytime you should pray you pray in His name?

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